New Update V.1.0.9

New Update V.1.0.9


  • Revamped Pantheon - Pantheon has been overhauled to match new style.
  • Added Out of Bounds regions to all maps.
  • Added 3D scoreboards to Outpost and Helix that show real time scores.

Custom Games

  • Custom Games are now on Dedicated Servers available in 5 regions.
  • Custom game modifiers:
    • Speed Modifiers
    • Gravity Modifiers
    • Big Head Mode
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • And a lot more...


  • Major Network Optimizations
  • Fix to secondary weapon mesh on the screen at the same time as primary weapon.
  • Fix to inspect -> reload full clip issue.
  • Increased EMP Grenade explosion radius.


  • Add Portal Spawn Success and Fail Sounds.


  • Added Ability for Weapons to pierce through multiple bodies (Sniper/Rail Gun).
  • Fixed bug where Plasma Rifle wouldn’t cooldown when you swapped away from it.
  • Increased rate of fire of Plasma Rifle (change size of ball to start smaller).
  • Fixed issue where Battle Rifle and Pistol sometimes wouldn’t play sounds.

Game Modes

  • KOTH and DOM Improvements (Next Hill Indicator, UI Improvements).
  • Fixed crash when bots picked up weapons.
  • Fixed Teabag Confirmed issue where if bodies fall off a map, you wouldn’t get credit for the kill/teabag.